Why is the Express Tunnel Wash better than washing by hand?

A university study carried out in the USA actually shows that washing by hand at home can be one of the worst ways to wash your car. It concluded that a single wash at home can leave scratches of up to 10% of the total thickness of a vehicles paint. This same situation can exist in commercial hand car washes, where the same sponge or rag is used from one vehicle to the next and moves from wheels containing harsh brake dust and compounds directly onto your car’s duco.

Another very important fact is that every time a vehicle is washed at home in the driveway or street, all of the water containing uncontrolled detergents, dirt, oil and grease flows into the stormwater drain, ending up in our rivers, streams, bays and waterways, polluting our swimming areas and having devastating effects on aquatic life and the environment. At Rapid Wash Express, all of our runoff is collected in pits where the solids are collected and disposed of in accordance with strict EPA requirements and the wash water recycled, with any excess sent to and processed through the sewerage system.

Will my car get scratched?

The short answer is a resounding NO. In fact, with the latest hi tech materials combined with advanced chemistry, waxes and computer controls, not only do we not scratch your car, our wash process actually has the effect of polishing it, leaving it brilliantly clean.

Can I get a Free Vacuum?

Yes. In fact all our vacuums are absolutely free 24/7 even if you do not wash your car.

What discounts do you offer?

Joining out Unlimited Wash Club entitles you to wash your car through our Express Tunnel once a day, every day, 365 days a year billed automatically to your credit card each month for less than the cost of two car washes. Absolutely no strings attached, no minimum periods, joining or cancellation fees. Press on the Wash Club icon for details.

How can I pay?

At Rapid Wash Express you can pay for all facilities using either cash or credit card (Visa and MasterCard only), including the self-serve bays and dog washes. There is a Change Machine on site to break your bills into coins and our Express Tunnel offers the latest Pay Wave technology making the entire process as fast and efficient as possible.

Why do you place a plastic sleeve over my rear wiper blade?

This is done purely as a precaution. With the many and varied types of rear wipers used on a large proportion of vehicles on the road today, we want to avoid even the most remote chance of causing damage to either your car or our equipment. Should your rear wiper be accidentally activated during the wash process, there is a remote chance it could get caught in the wash material, so we place the plastic sleeve over the wiper blade to totally eliminate this as a possibility.

How can I change my Wash Club details or cancel my membership?

Your Wash Club works on the latest RFID technology, similar to the etag used to pay for the toll roads. When you join, our staff will place a special irremovable adhesive tag on the inside of your windscreen, which is recognized by our RFID system as you approach the Pay Stations at the entrance to the Express Tunnel and the boom gate will automatically open. Should you sell your car, break a windscreen or the tag becomes damaged for any reason, it will need to be replaced.

Additionally, if your credit card is updated or replaced, we will need to update the details in our system, or it will not renew your monthly subscription and your tag will no longer work when you arrive at the wash. For any of these changes, please just send us a message by clicking on the ‘Contact & Location’ tab on the website or simply send us an email to info@rapidwashexpress.com.au and we will get straight back in touch with you to make all necessary arrangements.