Why is the Express Tunnel Wash better than washing by hand?

A Texas University study shows hand washing is one of the worst ways to clean your vehicle! The study proved that a single home hand wash can leave scratches 1/10th of the paints total thickness.

For further information on this research, please see the attached PDF.

Another important fact is that every time you wash your car at home, the water, soaps and detergents, oil, grease and brake dust etc. are all washed down the drain ultimately ending up in our waterways, often having devastating effects on aquatic life polluting our favourite swimming areas.

Will my car get scratched?

The short answer is a sound NO!

We use the latest Hi-Tech Neoprene “Soft Touch” scratch and streak free process that not only provides a safe wash, it also has the effect of polishing your car during the process leaving it brilliantly clean with that “showroom” finish.

Can I get a free vacuum?

Every time you have a Deluxe or Premium wash, you will get a free vacuum token. Just ask any of our friendly staff when you get to the Tunnel Entry.

Will my wheels get clean?

Our wash process has wheel scrubbers that remove all grime off your tyres and rim surface. Following this, the wheel rims are subject to a “high pressure wash” process that will generally remove road grime and brake dust.

We do however advise Customers that have extreme cases of brake dust build up (most often found on European cars due to the soft brake compound used in brake pads) to spray wheels with a “Mag Wheel Cleaner” prior to entering the wash.

Do I have to remove my aerial?

Most modern vehicles have aerials that are designed to withstand an automated car wash. However, we do advise Customers that all aerials should be lowered or removed where possible so as to minimise any risk of damage.

If you need help to remove or replace your aerial, please ask one of our staff for assistance. Whist we will take all care to assist, please remember we will not accept any responsibility for damage.

Why do you put that plastic sleeve over my rear wiper blade?

Where necessary, we place a plastic sleeve over your rear wiper blade to protect it from the possibility of damage. Many wiper arms have sharp/pointy exposed clips etc. which can get caught by the neoprene fabric and thus suffer damage.

The bags can be re-used so you a free to retain it for future use, return it to the Attendant or dispose of thoughtfully. Where possible, we will come and collect it from you.

Can I get a receipt?

You can obtain receipt at the point of payment for either cash or credit card transactions. If for some reason the receipt fails to print, just ask out attendant for a hand written alternative.

If ever you need assistance when selecting and paying for your wash jus get the attention of one of our friendly staff and they will assist you.

Can I pay once to use the dog wash and then wash my car?

That’s easy! Just use our unique “Swipe n Clean” facility located at the Change Centre. Have your credit card pre-authorised and it can be used anywhere on the site, including dog wash, auto wash facilities, wash bays, vacuum’s and vending.

What discounts do you offer?

See our “Pre-Pay And Save” offers and “Fleet Discounts” elsewhere on the website for details.

Why not become a VIP Member and grab the exclusive benefits offered for members only?

How can I pay?

We accept cash (notes up to $20 and gold coins) and Credit Cards (MasterCard and Visa) at our “Entry Wizards” to the 3 Minute Express Tunnel and Fusion X.

Our ‘Swipe n Clean” facility also accepts credit cards and change for wash bays, dog wash, Vacuum’s and vending is available at our change centre. This machine accepts notes up to $20 in value and all coins (except 5c pieces).

Of course, you can also have your credit card authorised at the “Swipe n Clean” for any of the facilities on site, or take up one of our “Pre-Pay” offers and enjoy great savings!

Where can I get change?

Change is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at the change centre on site.

It takes notes up to the value of $20 and all coins except 5 cent pieces.

Please note your change will include a “silver token” which has a monetary equivalent of $1. This can be used anywhere on site.

What is the benefit of becoming a VIP Member?

VIP Members will receive a free Premium Express Tunnel wash every birthday.

In addition, exclusive “VIP Member Only” offers will be made available on the periodic email newsletters that will be sent out from time to time.

VIP Members must remain on the mailing list to receive these offers.

How do I get my free birthday wash?

By being registered on our data base, we will send you a voucher by email prior to your birthday for you to redeem at our 3 Minute Express Tunnel.

The voucher will contain an exclusive code for you to input at the gate. Simply follow the instructions on the voucher to gain entry.

Can I stop receiving emails about offers?

We respect your privacy so of course you can unsubscribe from our email mailing list at anytime.

However, as we will only retain details of your email address and postcode, this will preclude you from receiving your free birthday wash voucher and advice of our exclusive VIP member offers.

If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, please click the link below for details.

How can I change my contact details?

If for some reason you need to change your contact details, please log in the Member Section and use your login and password to access your records.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@rapidwashexpress.com.au and we will update your records for you and send you a confirmation when changes are made.

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